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DVS Commercials supporting its local community

It was luck that led to Will and Doug ending up as business partners. Doug had set up a small, town-centre base acting as a pilot of a local enterprise centre (The MEC), which offered a space to local youngsters to use to develop new business ideas. Looking back now, The MEC also acted as a bit of a youth club. The pair stumbled into this facility on King Street in Melton Mowbray town centre, and had a late-night conversation about Will’s dream business – a Vehicle Sales company called DVS. DVS Commercials was soon to be born!

Doug has always been passionate about supporting the local community. Growing up in Melton could be difficult at times, and it made him want to help provide opportunities for other youngsters.

Business development training programme

As well as helping with business ideas, Doug has also been keen to help with the personal development of others too. As a business, DVS Commercials is currently focusing on creating a business development training programme aimed at giving young people the opportunity to develop business experience and widen their career options.

We currently have three apprentices on our books at DVS. Each apprentice is being trained across many areas of the business; including basic operations, customer service, marketing, sales and finance. Once the apprentices have completed the programme, they will ‘graduate’ out, equipped with lots of hands on experience and a thorough understanding of the business.

To date, we’ve successfully mentored one individual through a three-year training scheme; starting as a valeter on a customer service apprenticeship, he now doubles up as an advertising and sales executive – and is Doug’s right hand man!

Launch of local start-up business challenge

Doug was also a founding member of The Melton Rotary Enterprise Group which was formed in 2017 at The MEC. This group aims to bring together the local business community to support new enterprises.

Last year, the Melton Rotary Enterprise Group launched a new event, the Melton Enterprise Challenge. It’s now in its second year, offering entrepreneurial locals an opportunity to apply for start-up funding. The winning applicant receives a grant of up to £2,000 as well as 12 months free business support. The Challenge is now an annual event for residents (eligibility criteria: those who live in the borough, or who have lived in the borough within the last five years).

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Community partnerships

In addition to supporting individuals to gain business skills, both Will and Doug are keen for DVS to support and work with the wider community and other industry partners.

To date, we’re working on developing relationships with Melton Brooksby College, Melton Learning Hub, Access All Areas and John Ferneley College. We’ve also put forward ideas to local council leaders to create a community bus route, designed to help develop local tourism and improve access to rural attractions for visitors and residents.

Doug has recently been asked to become a Director of The Melton Learning Hub which is an alternative learning facility that offers young people who are disengaged from learning a wide variety of exciting and practical courses. MLH also operates the local community transport scheme. With the support of DVS, we’ll be able to develop new local transport services to make a big difference to the local economy.

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